Sesinyathela Kancane

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Sesinyathela kancane is sung in IsiZulu. isiZulu is one of the 11 official languages spoken in South Africa. isiZulu is a Nguni language from Southern Africa. Zulu is spoken as a first language by approximately 12 million people living mainly in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Siyajabul’ ukonibona wezingane zobaba! – We are glad to see you our brothers and sisters!

Kufanel’ ushade wena – It’s about time you settle down

uyekel’ izintadaba zokulahl’ umlenze. – an dput an end to your party life.

Sishimane ngiyekele! – Away from me you loser!

Wayemuhl’ umfana, owam’ umalandela, – The Man is so hadnsome, my stalker, he got it

wayefana noyise. – from his father

Anibosbhasobha, sesinyathela kancan… – Make wau fro us, as we enter gracefully…

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Mzwandile Mabuza is a South African baritone, choir conductor and composer. Born and raised in Newcastle KwaZulu-Natal, he discovered his love and talent for music and singing from a noticeably young age. Since then, he has participated in several singing Eisteddfods and sung in various choirs across South Africa. Mabuza a studied music at the University of Pretoria majoring in classical singing under the esteemed South African soprano Hanli Stapela, and Choral conducting. Mabuza has been a finalist for the Phillip H. Moore music competition as well as the Mimi Coertse scholarship competition. Mabuza does not limit himself to just western music; He also specializes and arranges African traditional music, and he runs African music workshops and enjoys learning about and exploring other music cultures. As well as publishing under the auspices of Vektor Productions, is also a published at GIA Walton music in the USA.


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