Pater Noster

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Pater Noster is sung in Latin. The Lord’s Prayer, also called the Our Father, is a central Christian prayer which, according to the New Testament, Jesus taught as the way to pray. In modern times, various composers have incorporated The Lord’s Prayer into a musical setting for utilization during liturgical services for a variety of religious traditions as well as interfaith ceremonies.

This setting of Pater Noster has become of Schonkens’ most famous works. The work is well suited to more experienced Youth and Adult Choirs. The work is written in a contemporary style and showcases the composers’ abilities to create an atmosphere through harmonic colour and melodic development.


South African born composer ANTONI SCHONKEN (1987-) currently resides in Stellenbosch, lecturing at Stellenbosch University and composing for Sein Media. His creative output includes award-winning compositions for solo instruments, ensembles, orchestra, stage, intermedia and film. His works have been performed at festivals in Africa, Europe, USA, UK, and Australia. He is a recipient of the SAMRO Overseas Scholarship for Composers. Antoni has received commissions from ensembles including the Oxford Camerata, Unheardof//Ensemble and Juliet Quartet, as well as ITC, JIMF, GrassRoots and Sinfonia Gaia. While attending residencies and festivals in the USA, Antoni worked with composers Ken Ueno, Hannah Lash, David Ludwig, Mari Kimura and Pierre Jalbert, and in 2017 he attended residencies and presented guest lectures at institutions in Finland, Sweden, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands.


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