Kyrie Eleison

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Kyrie Eleison is sung in Latin. Is a prayer that is commonly used in the Christian religion and specifically in the Catholic Church. In modern times, various composers have incorporated the text of the Kyrie into a musical setting for utilization during liturgical services for a variety of religious traditions as well as interfaith ceremonies.

This setting of Kyrie Eleison has become of Prinsloo’s most famous works. The work is well suited to more experienced Youth and Adult Choirs. The work is written in a contemporary style and showcases the composers’ abilities to create an atmosphere through harmonic colour and melodic development.


Franco Prinsloo’s music has been commissioned and performed internationally including Russia, Hong Kong, Italy, USA, South Africa, The Netherlands, France, Spain, the UAE and the UK. More notably his choral piece “Pula, Pula!” was commissioned for the King’s Singers to be performed in their programme in 2017. His musical theatre work “Naledi – an African Journey” was performed in South Africa and France in 2016 to great acclaim. Prinsloo specialises in vocal music for solo voice, opera, musical theatre, incidental music for stage and choral music. He is also frequently commissioned by instrumentalists and ensembles alike. His discography includes four albums of vocal, choral, incidental and ensemble music. His international collaborations have taken him around the globe, both performing and as a composer. He seeks to create through interdisciplinary collaboration and exploration.


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