Hrafna Cyning

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The text used in this work, Hrafna-Cyning, anglo-saxon for Raven king, serves as the autobiographical introduction of a descendant of Woden (Odin), The Raven King. The text is written in Anglo-Saxon (an early form of Old English) as it would have been written historically, and is a derivative of the old Icelandic or Norse language Spoken by the Vikings.

This work attempts to capture th ruthless aggression often associated with Vikings in conjunction with the dark, uneasy subject of the Raven kings’ cruelty and wrath.

The work follows an arc similar to what one would expect during a victims’ encounter with the Raven King. Starting with the approach, arrival and self-introduction of the Raven king and, after all the applicable practices and activities, ending with his departure at sunrise as the ravens approach and the victims’ heartbeat slows to a standstill.

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Zander Fick graduated from the University of Pretoria, with his honours in chemical Engineering, in 2014 and is now practising as an Actuarial Analyst at the Business Science Corporation. As a musician, Zander has, to date, arranged more than 150 popular or “Sêrenade” works. He has also written various original classical pieces for choir and chamber orchestra, which are published through the international publishing house, Waltons. Since 2010 Zander has been involved in the coaching of a wide array of Male and Female ensembles from the University of Pretoria and the University of Potchefstroom.


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