Werner Stolze comes from a long line of Master Piano Builders and is a 4th generation legacy. His great-grandfather, Willy Kurt Hutzelmannstarted the family factory in 1919 in Eisenberg Germany. His factory was the one of few Piano Factories in East Germany to survive World War II. The Stolze family immigrated and settled in South Africa in 1953. Kurt and Wilfried Stolzefather and son, continued their Piano trade in South Africa. Even after all this time, and with the establishment of his new company, WS Pianos.


WS Pianos



(Breniann Labuschagne)


Breniann Labuschagne of BLEACH is a 26 year old Architect from Pretoria that started his photographic journey on film, like the wannabe hipster he is. From there he has pursued various creative fields to try and stay fresh and combine different techniques via illustration, photography, music and architecture. He has been a mainstay in the underground and indie music scene photographing for Uncle Mothers, Bunk, Horizons Project Choir, Africa Bike Week and many more. He has also ventured into album artwork and band merchandising through illustration and mixed media artwork for various clients. He aims to explore further into music photography and artwork in the future!


Breniann Bleach




TLF consists of several programmes committed to nurturing the growth of the most vulnerable in our city, approaching individuals holistically and seeing healthy and vibrant communities flourish. 


Tshwane Leadership Foundation



The Feast of the Clowns is an annual urban community festival, hosting the MARCH OF THE CLOWNS, a playful peaceful protest, a social justice workshop series, and a platform for local artists where everyone is welcome to join the celebration.


Feast of the Clowns 2021



(Pierre van Vuuren)

Pierre van Vuuren is a young and upcoming South African photographer. He aspires to work in the fields of fine art, conceptual and fashion photography. His love for photography sprouted from capturing people. 

He has released a number of fine art projects such as “Remembrance of Divinity”, a collaboration between various creatives. This project was featured as part of 2020 Afro-vibes festival in Amsterdam. One of his most recent series “Boys don’t cry”, a project inspired by the complexities of men’s mental health, was part og the 2020 Brighton Fringe festival in the UK. He is currently building up his photography portfolio and reaching out to various photographers in search of internships/learn-ships. 






The Horizons Project Choir is a Pretoria based choir; which specialize in the performance of choral music composed by young South African composers. Horizons aims to not simply stimulate the creation of new choral music written by young South African composers but aims to facilitate the creation of a new generation of South African composers who write for the genre of choral music.


Horizons Project Choir




Equipping faith and community leaders in South Africa for the work of healing, ministry and empowerment in their communities.


Center for Faith and Community – UP



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